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AZV 15-34524A – Horáček, Stuchlík
Pathophysiological constituents of neuronal circuits in OCD:
Translational study targeting glutamatergic regulation in the anterior cingulate cortex

LH14053 - Stuchlik, Warren H Meck (Duke University USA)
Fourth dimension in space? Integration of temporal and spatial processing in the brain

GAČR 16-076905 – Vlček
Dynamics of cognitive processes during spatial reference frames usage

GAČR 16-133995 - Kubík
Maternal separation in a model of early life stress-induced psychosis

GACR 14-03627S – PI: Stuchlik, 2014-2016
Hippocampus, neocortex, and navigation in the moving world: from structures to neurons

GACR 14-20613S- PI: Vales, 2014-2016
Role of excitotoxic ffects of glutamate in development of early prinatal insult

332 - FP7-PEOPLE
M. C. International Reintegration Grant – PI: Kubik, 2010-2014

5310 –GACR Center of Excellence PEN – PI: Dr. Vyklicky
Project of excelence in neuroscience

206 - Centrum kompetence TACR – PI: Dr. Vyklicky
Center for development of original therapeutics

Topics of inter-academic cooperation
Assoc. Prof. Malgorzata Wesierska,PhD.
RNDr. Aleš Stuchlík,PhD.

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic + Polish Academy of Sciences
Spatial navigation and cognitive functions: from basic research to applications

Example of dedication
This work was supported by GACR grant 14-03627S and IGA MZ CR NT13386,
by AS CR M200111204 and by GACR GACR P304/12/G069.
Institutional support was provided by RVO: 67985823